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Here’s the background information

Like all organizations active in the nursing sector, the diaconal institutions also face the challenge of finding and retaining skilled nursing staff for their senior care facilities. An increasingly important building block in this effort is the recruitment of skilled professionals from other countries.

It is a matter of great concern to us to approach persons abroad in a manner consistent with our diaconal values. And once they are here, we not only want to provide them with individual help getting started in their new homes and jobs, but also support their integration on a long-term basis. To this end, the following diaconal institutions—all based in the greater Frankfurt metropolitan area—joined to launch the project “Migration as a Building Block in Securing Skilled Employees”:



The project has its offices at the Evangelischer Verein für Innere Mission. For the task of managing it, we were able to recruit an experienced, longstanding colleague from the area of outpatient care, along with a social worker to assist him. They pursue a range of different channels to find skilled employees from abroad for the abovementioned diaconal institutions and retain them in the long term. The project also relies on the support of persons already working in those institutions. Further information and details for contacting the project staff can be found here.

The project “Migration as a Building Block for Securing Skilled Employees” is promoted by the Diakonie Hessen for the next two years (until end of the year 2025). The project was launched in January 2022.